2016 Buffalo Creek Trail Work Plans

2016 Buffalo Creek Trail Work Plans

Much work has been done on the Buffalo Creek Trail System in the past few years, including three new trail builds:  Blackjack, Raspberry Ridge, and Little Scraggy East.  The Buffalo Creek Trails are considered one of the top 3 trail systems in the country – but more effort is needed to keep them on the podium!  I regularly receive questions and feedback regarding current and future plans for Buffalo Creek, maintenance concerns, work-party schedules, etc.  This document provides information and outlines the plans and next steps for Buffalo Creek.  

2016 Plans

For 2016, we plan to complete the final 2.5 miles of Little Scraggy Trail by the end of June.  The final segment will connect Little Scraggy west to the CT (Colorado Trail), creating a nice loop from the CT trailhead on hwy 126.  Little Scraggy has been built through assistance from the USFS (US Forest Service), volunteer labor, Groundworks Colorado, and Tony Boone Trails, Carl Yarbrough, Wheat Ridge Cyclery and Trek. Funding has been provided by COMBA and state grants.   

Overall, the Buffalo Creek trails are in decent shape, but several areas are in need of upkeep and maintenance to preserve trail sustainability.  Buck Gulch and Strawberry Jack are in much need of repair due to damage caused by storms that flooded the area a couple of years ago, you may have noticed the ruts, flattened water humps and erosion if you have ridden them lately!

We recently met with the USFS folks and are collaborating with them on a 3 year trail maintenance and improvement plan – more details as progress is made.  In the meantime, COMBA trail specialists are in the middle of reviewing ALL the trails at Buffalo Creek, noting areas in need of maintenance, analyzing sustainability concerns, and appraising potential re-routes.  Information collected will be compiled into a comprehensive report and presented to the USFS for review.  The goal is to have the report completed and plan approved by all key stakeholders prior to the first work day in May.  The potential for a new trail(s) was discussed, but nothing definitive at this time.

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Work Party Tentative Schedule for 2016

Below are the trail maintenance work dates for 2016 at Buffalo Creek.  Please make sure to check the COMBA calendar at www.comba.org  for details, to volunteer and information regarding any updates or changes.

COMBA looks forward to your continued support of the Buffalo Creek Trails!